The Govan Mbeki Fly Ash Consortium, a subsidiary of BMGLOBAL, has turned the hazardous waste produced every year by coal-burning industries in Mpumalanga, into a lucrative business venture called Mr Brick.

Mr Brick championed and delivered the first black-owned manufacturing plant that uses fly ash from Sasol in Secunda to make bricks. A true reflection of seeing an opportunity that not only aids job creation but eradicates waste from the environment.

BMGLOBAL subsidiaries within the Defence sector have precision manufacturing capabilities. This includes producing parts where the surface or feature produced can be characterized by stringent tolerances on form, dimension or surface characteristics.

Within the low precision category, BMGLOBAL subsidiaries have the experience and capabilities for Beam manufacturing (mechanical parts), Sheet metal work, Welding and Mechanical Assembling and Testing.

Core Services

  • Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing
  • Precision Engineering

Current Projects

  • Mr Brick