Food security for all citizens is one of the main challenges faced by governments across the world, more so in Africa. At BMGLOBAL we are exploring, developing and implementing projects that seek to define the future farmer.

Agriculture. The Fortune 40 Farmer Incubation Programme being implemented by the Mpumalanga Provincial Government is testament to the impact of our futuristic thinking. This programme has placed over 800 youth entrepreneurs in 14 farms across Mpumalanga, who are receiving live and comprehensive experience in Agriculture.

Our strategies are helping Pallet Biz source their timber raw materials cheaper and investing in Forestry plantations for long-term security of supply.

We have a strategic relationship with a global bulk commodities trader, Monteagle Group. This gives us the capacity and confidence to pursue opportunities in large-scale supply of any Agricultural project from across the globe for import or export.

Core Services

  • Strategy Development
  • Advisory, Negotiations and Partnerships
  • Farming (Chickens and Forestry)
  • Bulk Food Commodity Trading

Current Projects

  • Fortune 40 Farmer Incubation Programme
  • Pallet Biz Lumber Growing and Supply