Who We Are

BMGLOBAL is a diversified investment conglomerate which creates, moulds and executes projects within the Agriculture, Defence, Manufacturing, Mining, Management Consulting and Maritime sectors. We are a 100% Black-owned and controlled private company, which through our global network of partners, suppliers, expertise and resources, are able to deliver innovative and avant-garde solutions wherever “we see opportunities”.

We are a passionate group of young entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse backgrounds and regard ourselves as trailblazers in the new wave of economic transformation in South Africa. Our focus is rooted in implementing projects within the primary economy, by producing innovative and global solutions to meet the primary needs of the everyday South African.

Our Story

After more than a decade of operating separate businesses, in 2013 a decision was made by the founders to consolidate all our interests in various entities. BMGLOBAL was established as a holding company to streamline activities of the group, leverage our skills pool and benefit from consolidated financial resources in order to accelerate growth capabilities in various sectors of the economy.

This consolidation process is still underway in conjunction with an acquisition strategy to extend our capabilities in various sectors of the economy. We have conceptualized, developed and implemented most of our key projects, giving us unquestionable experience and insight in venture creation and project execution.

Our Ethos

Like the majestic eagle we know that great vision is the key to success. As the eagle glides upon the rough winds, we too turn adversity into opportunity. We choose to fly freely, exploring the vast landscape. We partner with the like-minded and those who aren't afraid to venture into the great heights. We nourish ourselves with fresh ideas. We are BMGLOBAL. We see opportunities.

Our Vision

“To be Africa’s leading innovative solutions conglomerate in the primary economies.”

Our Mission

“To perpetually create generational wealth and a positive impact in the world, through revolutionary solutions and diversified investment strategies.”